TEKNOSPIR 12 EN 856 R12 - SAE 100 R12

Wire spiralled reinforced hoses for very high pressure power lines

Operating temperature range:
From -40°C up to +120°C, with peak of +125°C. 
Qualified fluids:
Mineral oils, vegetable and rapeseed oils, glycol and polyglicol oils, synthetic ester based oils, oils in aqueous emulsion, water. 
Oil resistant synthetic rubber. 
Four high tensile steel spirals. 
Black and Grey, oil and environment resistant synthetic rubber.

Product Codes:
TSR1206, TSR1208, TSR1210, TSR1212, TSR1216, TSR1220, TSR1224, TSR1232

TEKNOSPIR 12 - EN 856 R12 - SAE 100 R12

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