RC Series - COMBINED Heat Exchangers

RC SERIES heat exchangers are normally used for cooling of different fluids (water, oil, air). They are made of steel and copper or aluminium, they can be applied directly in front of endothermic engine or be equipped with fans operated by electric or hydraulic motors.

Core’s technical specification 

  • Material: alluminium or brass/ copper and steel


  • Farm machinery
  • Power unit
  • Special vehicles
  • Earth moving machines


Cleaning water and oil side 
After having dismantled the exchanger, carry out the cleaning procedure by circulating de-greasing substance inside the radiator compatible with aluminium. Wash with hydraulic oil before reconnecting the cooler.. 

Cleaning air side
Carry out this procedure using water or compressed air. Make sure that the direction of the jet is parallel to the fins so that they are not damaged. 
In order to obtain optimal results during this type of procedure we advise using a cleansing agent. 
If the blockage of the exchanger is caused by build up of oil or grease, c1eaning can be carried out using a jet of steam or hot water.
During c1eaning procedures the electric motor must be adequately protected..


During operation of heat exchangers observe following instructions:

  • Do not remove the fan grilles
  • Electrical connections must be made by skilled electricians in accordance with the attached electrical diagrams 
  • Exterior surfaces of heat exchangers may reach high temperatures so adequate guards must be installed or the unit must be mounted in an inaccessible position 
  • Do not perform work on the hydraulic motor until the hydraulic pipelines have been disconnecte

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