HMB - Double Acting Cylinders

The double acting hydraulic cylinder series HMB-M250 with welded endplug and with ball joints both in the rear and in the front is particularly required in the mobile and in the industrial sector. Deriving from the standard cylinders HMO-M250, they have the same reliability and the very short delivery terms. We present around 150 models in 9 different bores.

Technical Info

  • Max. Pressure: 210 bar
  • Top Speed: 0,5 m/s
  • Temperture °C: -25° +80°
  • Rod: steel UNI C45 - SAE 1045
  • Rod: Chrome 25 Micron ±5 Rating 9/120 h ISO 10289
  • Tube: Steel ST52.3 DIN2393 ISO H9

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