TEKNOSPIR 13 EN 856 R13 - SAE 100 R13

Wire spiralled reinforced hoses for very high pressure power lines.

Operating temperature range:
From -40°C up to +120°C, with peak of +125°C. 
Qualified fluids:
Mineral oils, vegetable and rapeseed oils, glycol and polyglicol oils, synthetic ester based oils, oils in aqueous emulsion, water. 
Oil resistant synthetic rubber. 
Four high tensile steel spirals (DN 19÷31) six high tensile steel spirals (DN 38÷51). 
Black and Brown, oil and environment resistant synthetic rubber.

Product Codes:
TSR1312,TSR1316, TSR1320, TSR1324, TSR1332

TEKNOSPIR 13 - EN 856 R13 - SAE 100 R13

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