DF 6
DF 6 VIE 3/8” - DF 6 VIE 1/2” - DF 6 VIE 3/4” - DF 6 VIE 1”

6-Ways Diverter Valves

Use and Operation
This valve is made up by two 3-ways diverters coupled: each of the 2 parts is used to divert the inlet flow towards two ports. The single lever controls both the parts at the same time. It’s ideal to control 2 actuators.

Materials and Features

  • Internal Parts: hardened and ground steel
  • Seals: BUNA N standard

Connect P and P’ to the 2 pressure flows, ports A and B to the first actuator and ports A’ and B’ to the second actuator. With lever in position 1, P is connected to A and P’ to A’; with lever in position 2, P is connected to B and P’ to B’. With lever in central position all ports are connected among each other (opened centre)..

On Request

  • Closed centre (CODE/CC)
  • High pressure - up to 400 Bar (CODE/ AP)

V0920 - V0940 - V0950 - V0960

DF 6 - DF 6
DF 6 - DF 6


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