Fp 200/220 Series

Proportional pneumatic tipping valve suitable for large oil flow applications especially designed for heavy-duty tipper bodies, off-road trucks and semi-trailers. - Close center hydraulic scheme. - Built-in check and adjustable relief valves (direct type) - Nodular cast-iron body for pressure up to 400 bar - Either chassis or tank mounting options - Mechanical direct end-of-stroke with anti-shock spring - Ready for pressure signal switch mounting - Galvanized body and nickel spool - Guaranteed for oil temperature range -25 a 80 °C, viscosity range 12 a 100 cSt and oil filtering 25 µm.

FP-200/220 SERIES

12101200018 Dvt.fp220 1" Dsc. V/l Fissa 7,5000

* The figures and technical data set out in the tables are only intended as approximations.

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