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Pneumatic Pilot 3pp

Proportional pneumatic tipping valve suitable for large oil flow applications especially designed for heavy-duty tipper bodies and semi-trailers with two different working pressures which can be selected manually. Operated by N-FORCE. Open center hydraulic scheme according to CE standards. - Built-in check valve and 3 pressure adjustable relief valve (pilot type) - Nodular cast-iron body for pressure up to 400 bar - Either Chassis or tank mounting options. - Mechanical direct end-of-stroke with anti-shock spring. - Ready for pressure signal switch mounting. - Galvanized body and nickell spool. - Guaranteed for oil temperature range -25 a 80 °C viscosity range 12 a 100 xSt and oil filtering 25 µm


12100703254 Modular 200 Ce 3/4" 3pr.pnm. 7,9600
12100703307 Modular 250 Ce 1" 3pr.pnm. 7,8400

* The figures and technical data set out in the tables are only intended as approximations.

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