ZV Series

ZV flow indicator is available in two versions, with an exchange  electrical  contact  or with  a proportional voltage or current. The operating  point, in the electro-mechanical version, is reached  sliding along the axis of the instrument the connector’s saddle and locking it with an M3  screw. In the execution with proportional output  the connector is fixed in factory.

Technical Features
Body: in nickel-plated brass   
Assembly: is preferred in vertical position with flow direction from the bottom to the top minimum distance of 30 mm from inductive magnet fields and ferrous parts  
Hydraulic connection: BSP female  
Working temperature: from -20 °C to +100°C
Weight: 0.2 Kg (ZV1-6) 0.8 Kg   (ZV7-8)  0.94 Kg  (ZV9-10)            
Mechanical life: 10 cycles at 20°C
Electric Features:

  • Electric connection according to DIN 43650
  • Electric protection according to  
  • DIN 40050: IP65
  • Standard electrical contact: exchange reed type
  • Maximum load on the electric contacts:  
  • alternate current to 48 V – 1 A
  • direct current to 48 V – 0.5 A  

Also Available:  

  • ZV..X with body in AISI 316 Stainless Steel
  • ZV..PVC with body in PVC
  • ZV...2 with a proportional exit of 4>20 mA
  • ZV...3 with a proportional exit of 0>10 V              
  • ZV...ATEX in accordance with the rules ATEX
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ZV Series

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