Magnum Extra Oil

Tube for use in the agro-food industry and oil-mills, suitable for the passage of edible oils
A non-toxic tube which is very flexible and manoeuvrable, with a strengthening spiral in rigid shockproof and crushproof PVC. Resists the action of atmospheric agents and a high percentage of chemical products. 
The interior is perfectly smooth with a surface in a special elastic polyurethane mixture, and it is particularly suitable for the passage of olive oil and natural oils. 
Non-toxic according to Italian standards DM 21/3/73, Reg. UE 10/2011, 2007/19 sim. A.B.C.D1 and subsequent updates. 
It has a smooth exterior in order to facilitate use and drawing into a special oil-repellent mixture. Internal polyurethane.
Applications: for the passage of natural edible oils.
Temperature range: -20°C +60°C.
Colour: golden yellow, olive green exterior.

Magnum Extra Oil

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