J Series

J Series

J series is specially designed for high pressure applications (72 Mpa): the standard shut-off system is with ball but on request MB can also supply the valve shut-off system. This type of screw-on coupling has his best application on cylinders and hydraulic tools. J series is interchangeable with the most common units on the market. 

  • Interchangeability: U.S.A. and European market
  • Shut-off system: poppet valve or precision’s ball
  • Latching system: screw-on
  • Connection: screwing-on the female’s sleeve
  • Disconnection: screwing-off the female’s sleeve
  • Connectability: allowed under residual pressure
  • Disconnection under pressure: allowed under residual pressure
  • Threads: NPT
  • Sizes: 1/4", 3/8"
  • Materials: Sleeve and female in high grade carbon steel, male in high grade carbon steel hardened steel, hardened valve/shut-off ball 100 C6 precision’s degree “A”
  • Surface treatment: zinc plating and Cr III passivation, springs in C72 steel
  • Seals: standard NBR, on request VITON
  • Antiextrusion rings: PTFE
  • Working Temperatures: NBR -20°C +100°C VITON -15°C +180°C

JM2504 JF2504 JMX2504 JFX2504 JM2506 JF2506

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