N Series

N Series

The N series is the only one that is produced also with the ball shut-off system. These couplings are often used on tractors and other agricultural equipment: for this reason N series is also known like “AGRICULTURAL”series.This terminology is not correct because this type of couplings is suitable also for many other hydraulic applications in several productive fields.

  • Interchangeability: with FASTER NV and NS series, 1/2" according to ISO 7241-1A
  • Shut-off system: poppet valve or precision’s ball
  • Latching system: balls - bearing
  • Connection: pulling back the sleeve
  • Disconnection: pulling back the sleeve
  • Connectability: without pressure
  • Disconnection under pressure: not allowed
  • Threads: BSP – NPTF
  • Sizes: 1/4" , 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”
  • Materials: female in carbon steel, male in high grade carbon steel, induction hardened, steel hardened valve
  • Surface treatment: zinc plating and Cr III passivation, springs in C72 steel, high resistance balls 100 C6
  • Seals: standard NBR, on request VITON
  • Antiextrusion rings: PTFE
  • Working Temperatures: NBR -20°C +100°C VITON -15°C +140°C

For temperature exceeding this values, the quick-release couplings will be supplied with all components in steel.

NM1004 NF1004 NM1504 NF1504 NM1006 NF1006 NM1506 NF1506 NM1806 NF1806 AM1008 AF1008 AM1508 AF1508 AM1808 AF1808 NM1012 NF1012 NM1512 NF1512 NM1016 NF1016 NM1516 NF1516 NM2004 NF2004 NM2504 NF2504 NM2006 NF2006 NM2506 NF2506 NM2806 NF2806 AM2008 AF2008 AM2508 AF2508 AM2808 AF2808 NM2012 NF2012 NM2512 NF2512 NM2016 NF2016 NM2516 NF2516

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