SJHD Series Swivel Joints

SJHD Series Swivel Joints

The swivel joints of the SJHD series are designed to be mounted between a movable flexible hose and a rigid component of a machine in order to allow and compensate rotations: the movement of the stem on his own axis prevents hose damages.
Compared with standard SJ series they have the following differences:

  • a greater length to share in a better way the radial loads on the rotating stem;
  • a straight roller bearing assembled on the stem to reduce friction during the motion of rotation also with high working pressures;
  • two seals instead of one for a higher reliability.

They are used in every productive sector where there are means, equipment or plant with moving flexible hoses working with high pressures inside.


SJ9004 SJ9006 SJ9008 SJ9012 SJ9016 SJ9020 SJ9024 SJ9032 SJ9040

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