SJHD Series Swivel Joints

SJHD Series Swivel Joints

The swivel joints of the SJHD series are designed to be mounted between a movable flexible hose and a rigid component of a machine in order to allow and compensate rotations: the movement of the stem on his own axis prevents hose damages.
Compared with standard SJ series they have the following differences:

  • a greater length to share in a better way the radial loads on the rotating stem;
  • a straight roller bearing assembled on the stem to reduce friction during the motion of rotation also with high working pressures;
  • two seals instead of one for a higher reliability.

They are used in every productive sector where there are means, equipment or plant with moving flexible hoses working with high pressures inside.

  • Rotating system: on two balls-races and on one straight roller bearing
  • Rotation: not continuous, only alternate movements
  • Threads: BSP - JIC
  • Sizes: 1/2”, ¾”, 1”
  • Materials: Stem in high grade carbon steel, induction hardened body in high grade carbon steel, induction hardened, high resistance balls 100 C6, "A" precision’s degree
  • Surface treatment: zinc plating Cr III
  • Seals: dust seal in NBR, two O-Rings in NBR. On request VITON
  • Antiextrusion rings: PTFE
  • Working Temperatures: NBR – 20°C + 100°C ; on request -40°C +100°C VITON -15°C + 180°C

SJ9004 SJ9006 SJ9008 SJ9012 SJ9016 SJ9020 SJ9024 SJ9032 SJ9040

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