Screw to connect couplings for braking systems

VA couplings are commonly used in Agriculture Market for braking systems and consequently very similar to VF braking valves. Characterized by screw-to-connect sleeve, their interchangeability is based on market driven standards.

 Size (mm) 10 mm 
Size (mm) 
 Size (in) 3/8" 
PartNumber Thread HEX1 HEX3 D1 L1
 10 VAN0/1815 F M18x1,5 FEMALE ORB 32 40 44 60
Size (mm)  PartNumber Thread HEX1 HEX2 D1 D3 L1
 10 VA 5/2215 M M22x1,5 MALE BULKHEAD 15L 32 27 36 36 59
 10 VA 9/1815 M M18x1,5 MALE BULKHEAD 12L 32 27 36 36 53

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