X Series

X Series

Thanks to the excellent resistance to the corrosion, the X series is used in several applications where there is an aggressive environment and/or an aggressive fluid inside to the coupling. The accordance with the ISO 7241-1B standard assures the interchangeability of this series all over the world. The stainless steel couplings are mainly used in industrial, chemical, oil and naval plant.


XM1002 XF1002 XM1502 XF1502 XM1004 XF1004 XM1504 XF1504 XM1006 XF1006 XM1506 XF1506 XM1008 XF1008 XM1508 XF1508 XM1012 XF1012 XM1512 XF1512 XM1016 XF1016 XM1516 XF1516

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