AGI-AGE guide rings are manufactured in thermoplastic material acetal resin, re-inforced glass fibre and are produced with strict tolerances which protect against heavy loads and guarantee effective function parameters in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Widely used for piston or rod application and in combination with seals designed without there own guide system the AGI and AGE are particuarly indicated to substitute the traditional metal guides which are easily overloaded and allow low deformation. From a mechanical point, plastic guides have a self-lubricating ability and are therefore highly efficient where unsufficient lubrification is present. Available in two versions, AGE for piston guides were the working surface is located on the outter diameter, and AGI for rod guides were the working surface is located on the inner diameter.

Technical info:

  • Temperature °C: -40 +110
  • Material: POM + CNT3

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