PDH and PDP, catagorized as slide ring seals, are designated to fit as standard sealing elements where normal piston seals are actually applied. Characteristics
include keeping the same groove dimensions while offering two material combinations. The PDH, composed of Acetal resin back-up rings (protecting the dynamic sealing part from extrusion and preventing dust particles to reach the seal), a main sealing element in reinforced PTFE (giving excellent support to all earth moving equipment where high pressure and speeds are present) and a NBR energizer which statically seals the PDH in the housing groove. The second version, or PDP, is an excellent economic alternative composed of Acetal resin back-up rings, a main sealing element in Polyurethane “Tecnolan” (guaranteeing longer service life, resistance to wear, and easier installation) suitable for agriculture machinery where low pressure and moderate velocity occurs.

Technical info:

  • Max. Pressure 500 bar
  • Speed: 1,5 m/s
  • Temperature °C: -30 +110
  • Material: NBR + PTFE + POM

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