The Aston Seals ARA is a buffer seal designed for medium and heavy duty applications where spaces and friction need to be low.
It can be used either as a single acting seal or in tandem con guration as a “primary” seal.
Radial notches on the back facilitates back pumping and pressure relieve capability avoiding the risk of tipping.
Radial slots on the front avoid risk of suction.
The backup ring provides a very high resistance against extrusion in presence of pressure loads.
It is used in the same housing normally destined to PTFE seal of which has similar dimensional characteristics but, compared to it, better sealing capabilities and greater easy installation.

  • Very high resistance against extrusion
  • Good sealing capability
  • Designed with relief notches to prevent pressure trapping
  • Interchangeable with common PTFE buffer seal housings
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent wear-resistance
  • Extended service life
  • Good temperature resistance

ARA Seal Model

ARA 40 55.1 6.3 ARA 45 60.1 6.3 ARA 50 65.1 6.3 ARA 56 71.1 6.3 ARA 60 75.1 6.3 ARA 63 78.1 6.3 ARA 70 85.1 6.3 ARA 80 95.1 6.3 ARA 90 105.1 6.3 ARA 100 115.1 6.3

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