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The seal type Aston Seals SDAN is the natural further development of the SDA seal. It is a high performance all purpose lipseal which combines the advantage of a highly elastic rubber and the abrasion resistance of polyurethane.
This seal is mainly used with high pressure and the backup ring o sets large gaps without extrusion.
Wear and dry run are largely prevented by additional lubricant retained within the gap created by the secondary lip. In some cases this second sealing lip may even act as a substitute for a costly tandem sealing system when complete sealing under certain working conditions can only be achieved by two seals placed one behind the other in separate housing.
The energizing O-Ring guarantees a good sealing performance in the low pressure range.
The material used to produce this seal is a polyurethane compound that ensures excellent properties on wear-resistance, extended service life and resistance against extrusion.

  • Very high resistance against extrusion(backup ring)
  • Good sealing performance as well as at low pressure
  • Extended service life
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Insensitive to structural deflections
  • Easy installation without expensive auxiliaries

SDAN Seal Model

SDAN 40 50 7 SDAN 50 59 10 SDAN 50 65 11.5 SDAN 60 75 11.5 SDAN 63 78 11.5 SDAN 70 85 11.5 SDAN 80 95 11.5 SDAN 90 105 11.5 SDAN 110 130 14.5

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