The rod seal type Aston Seals SGA is composed of:

  • A sealing rubber element with low permanent deformation which assures good sealing performance. Multiple sealing lips ensure perfect  uid control and concentrate load against the dynamic surface. The cavities keep small quantities of fluid reducing friction and wear.
  • A support ring contoured to suit the main sealing rubber element. The special geometry assures that pressure loads the “V” shape
  • An anti-extrusion ring which assures high pressure loads without any risk of extrusion.
  • Very high resistance against extrusion
  • Perfect fluid control
  • Extended servicelife
  • Excellent wear-resistance
  • Good mechanical stability at high temperature
  • Insensitive to pressure fluctuation and vibrations
  • Easy installation without expensive auxiliaries

SGA Seal Model

SGA 30 43 SGA 45 60 SGA 60 77 SGA 70 90 SGA 95 115 SGA 110 130

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