The functions of the Aston Seals SAB bi-directional rod wiper are:

  • to prevent introduction of dust, dirt and foreign matter into the system; this is achieved by a special wiper lip which produces a very effective cleaning action, prevents the development of scores, protects the guiding parts and extends the service life of the axial moving rod seals.
  • to retain residual oil film on the rod; the asymmetric lips are designed to differentiate the behaviour of the lips on the static and dynamic surfaces: the static lips are flexible and more sensitive to pressure  fluctuations; the dynamic lip is shorter and stronger to concentrate load against the dynamic surface.

The material used to produce this wiper is a polyurethane compound that ensures excellent properties in case of dry run, an increased wear-resistance and an extended service life due to good resistance against ozone and radiation caused by weather conditions.

  • Retaining residual oil film
  • Extended service life
  • Insensitive to structural deflections
  • Excellent wear-resistance
  • Space-saving construction
  • No close tolerances are necessary
  • Easy installation without expensive auxiliaries

SAB Seal Model

SAB 10/ISO SAB 10 20 6 SAB 12 SAB 12 26 6.6 SAB 14 SAB 14/ISO SAB 16/A SAB 17 SAB 18 SAB 20 SAB 22 SAB 22/ISO SAB 25 SAB 25/A SAB 28 SAB 28/ISO SAB 30 SAB 30/A SAB 30/B SAB 32 SAB 32/ISO SAB 35 SAB 36 SAB 36/ISO SAB 37 SAB 38 SAB 40 SAB 40/ISO SAB 42 SAB 45 SAB 45/ISO SAB 50 SAB 50/A SAB 50/ISO SAB 55 SAB 55/A SAB 56/ISO SAB 60 SAB 60/ISO SAB 63 SAB 63/ISO SAB 65 SAB 65/A SAB 70 SAB 70/ISO SAB 75 SAB 78/A SAB 80 SAB 80/ISO SAB 82/A SAB 85 SAB 90 SAB 90/ISO SAB 100 SAB 100/A SAB 104 SAB 110 SAB 129 SAB 154 SAB 180

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