The function of the Aston Seals SAF wiper ring is to prevent introduction of dust, dirt and foreign matter into the system. 
This is achieved by a special wiper lip which produces a very effective cleaning action, prevents the development of scores, protects the guiding parts and extends the service life of the axial moving rod seals.
The material used to produce the wiper element is a polyurethane compound that ensures excellent properties in case of dry run, an increased wear-resistance and an extended service life due to good resistance against ozone and radiation caused by weather conditions.

  • Extended service life
  • Low cost solution
  • Excellent wear-resistance
  • Space-saving construction
  • No close tolerances are necessary
  • Easy installation without expensive auxiliaries

SAF Seal Model

SAF 30/C SAF 30/T SAF 32 SAF 32/T SAF 35 SAF 35/B SAF 35/T SAF 36 SAF 38/T SAF 40 SAF 40/A SAF 40/T SAF 42 SAF 45 SAF 45/A/T SAF 45/B SAF 48/A/T SAF 50 SAF 50/A/T SAF 50/B SAF 55 SAF 55/A/T SAF 55/B SAF 60 SAF 8 SAF 12/A SAF 14 SAF 15 SAF 16 SAF 16/C SAF 16/D SAF 18 SAF 20 SAF 20/B SAF 20/C SAF 20/T SAF 22/A SAF 22/B SAF 22/T SAF 25 SAF 25/A SAF 25/S SAF 25/T SAF 28 SAF 28/A SAF 28/T SAF 30 SAF 30/B SAF 60/A/T SAF 63/A/T SAF 63/B SAF 65 SAF 65/A/T SAF 65/B SAF 65/C SAF 65/D SAF 70 SAF 70/B/T SAF 70/C SAF 75/T SAF 78/B SAF 80/A/T SAF 97/A/T SAF 110 SAF 111/A SAF 118/B SAF 124/A SAF 135/A SAF 140/B SAF 142/A SAF 142/B SAF 143/B SAF 145/B SAF 150/C SAF 155/A SAF 160/A SAF 170/A SAF 186/A SAF 200/A SAF 216/A SAF 1000 SAF 3000 SAF 6500 SAF 7000

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