FHR 12FD1 Rotator for loads up to 12t

  • Max load static (tension loads) : 120 KN
  • Max load static (pushing loads) : -100 KN
  • Max load dynamic (tension loads) : 60 KN
  • Max load dynamic (pressing loads) : -50 KN
  • Torque at 25MPa : 2900 Nm
  • Weight : 64 Kg
  • Recommended oilflow : 35 l/min


  • For forestry
  • For cargo and general material handing
  • For agriculture and farming
  • For road and building construction
  • For recycling industry and earthmoving
FHR 12FD1 - Rotator for loads up to 12t

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Hydraulic rotator FHR 12FD1 designed for heavy duty machinery to meet the highest demands for quality and reliability. Ideal for intensive professional use in forestry, agriculture, road and building construction, recycling industry, general cargo and material handling.

Rotator's upper mount is applied in FORK form factor of the knuckle joint. Robust and tough built to withstand even overloads. The fork width (between fork ends) is common standard width 100mm and the knuckle pin diameter 45mm.
Rotator lower mount is applied in FLANGE form factor to mount direct on grapple / tool surface by fixing with screws
Rotator FHR 12FD1 based on reliable vane type hydraulic motor which delivers torque up to 2900Nm at 25MPa.
Formiko Hydraulics rotator FHR 12FD1 is equipped with double bearings to withstand both tensional and pushing loads.
Formiko rotator FHR 12FD1 is compatible with FHL 03 series links.
Rotator for shipping is packed in compact solid cardboard box with dimensions 450x250x250mm.
We providing TWO year warranty for this rotator.

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